Friday, June 23, 2006

One More Summer Before I Go

Having finished my summer-themed mix-cd last month, I've now moved on to recording my mixtape for the summer's festivals. It was just put to tape, using a quality Sony C-90. It's quite the Black Cassette, with a stylish cover in blank black paper with the title visible at just the right angle. And let's take a look at that tracklisting!

Side A
The Pooh Sticks – On Tape
The Big Gun – Heard About Love
Boyracer – Black Fantastic Splitting
Snowbirds – Friends
The Autocollants – High School Summer
Skypark – Countryside
Primal Scream – Aftermath (1985 Peel version)
East Village – Back Between Places
The Rain Parade – What She’s Done to Your Mind
Ronnie McNeir – Sitting In My Class
The Close Lobsters – Don't Worry
1000 Violins – Let Me Charm the Pants Off Your World
The Chesterf!elds – Nose Out of Joint (1985 flexi version)
The June Brides – Enemies
The Wedding Present – Felicity
The Desert Wolves – Besotted

Side B
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark – Electricity
Fosca – The Agony Without the Ecstasy
St. Christopher – Say Yes to Everything
The Wake – Judas
Josef K – Heads Watch
Robby Lawson – Burning Sensation
Hurrah! – Lonely Room
Biff Bang Pow! – She Paints
Pants Yell! – ‘83 In ‘05
Glo-Worm – Change of Heart
The Carousel – Strawberry Fayre
14 Iced Bears – Sure to See
Felt – Southern State Tapestry
The 6ths – You You You You You

You'll be able to here these sounds around, flowing gently from some dog-eared tape machine, if you visit the Emmaboda festival in Sweden this August. I will be playing with A Smile And A Ribbon.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Seven weeks of reading papers

The Rain Fell Down is about music and Glasgow, which is where's I'll be going in September. The name is hopefully not a self-fulfilling prophecy but refers to the brilliant Jesse Garon & the Desperadoes song about the city. It has also been covered by the equally brilliant Fairways. It's mainly for my friends, so they can keep track of what I'm doing and so I don't have to write to them all the time. Convenience is the word.