Friday, November 03, 2006


If Belle & Sebastian hadn't been such an important part of my life and helped me survive school, Brighter would have been my favourite band. In 2004 I spent many a summer day listening to the jangling guitars of songs like "I Don't Think It Matters" and somehow, the world seemed so beautiful. I wrote many songs that summer, one of them was "Cinderella's Boots". I was really let down when my naive view of the world later came to pieces. But sometimes when I listen to Brighter these days, I experience that feeling again. Such as today, when the autumn chill makes me think back on summer days in Sweden. Of being in love, not knowing what do to about it. Brighter told me what to do and what to think. Not long ago a gave a mixtape to girl which had "Never Ever" at the end. Discovering new Brighter songs is a pleasure that is hard to match. A few weeks ago Tom gave us some demos he had found. Some of them had no name and suffered from an abysmal sound quality. Keris gave me the titles and I tried to improve the sound. Now I'm giving you "Sunburst" back. It was on the first demos Keris sent to Sarah Records. If you feel old today, this song will make you cheer up.

Life is love and summer days

Brighter - Sunburst

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