Sunday, November 26, 2006

Like Belmondo In the Movies

Belmondo is good band. Jean-Paul himself is not so bad either, although he's not in the band. But Jean-LUC Godard really is a good director. Perhaps the most eagerly refereced in POP too. These weeks I've been watching quite a few movies, which is not all that strange since one of the courses I'm doing is Film & Television Studies. We had a week on auteur theory just now and watched some Wong Kar-Wai. I'd never seen Fallen Angels (1995) before, and I have to say it's the best of his early films (obviously none of them can compete with In Mood For Love and 2046). I've also seen Alphaville by Godard, that's were the still is from. I just picked that because it reminded my of the cover of the Shapiros comp. Pam Berry WAS in Belmondo, by the way. Yesterday we went to see Nora Helmer, one of Fassbinder's rarely shown films. That's understandable, because it's not Fassbinder at his best. It was still interesting though, and a good initiative of the CCA to screen it as part of their Fassbinder season. It was a tv-adaptation of Ibsen's A Doll House, with minimal acting and lots of shots through glass and of mirror reflections.

On Friday we went to our last National Pop League for this year. (The next one is on December 29th, one day before my birthday, and I'm going to be in Sweden then.) It was good fun and hot as usual. Highlights were Wedding Present's "Nobody's Twisting Your Arm", TG's "Bringing Up Baby", Altered Images' "Don't Talk to Me About Love" and Jackie Wilson's "Higher and Higher". The latter gave Stuart a good chance to show off his moves. He's always just as cute!

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brogues said...

Due to your tardiness you missed The Fire Engines' "Candyskin" and Jesus and Mary Chain's "Sidewalking" ... they sounded GREAT. You gotta get there earlier! Nice white tie, young man ... very dapper :)