Saturday, November 04, 2006


I still have high hopes for a radio show, and Subcity is going to interview me soon, but I found out that broadcasting will not start until December. I think it's strange that they wait so long from the beginning of the semester – back in Lund the new shows started already in September. Obviously, I don't want you to wait that long. I've decided to give you the show I had planned to do as my second as a podcast instead. The radio shows will all have titles and catalogue numbers, starting with SPLASH 1. SPLASH 1 was going to be an introduction to the whole series of shows, so I will save that for the first show proper. Instead, here is Raining In My Heart, SPLASH 2! It is based on the autumn-themed mixtape I made earlier. As I wrote then, the title is a well-known song and also an EP by British 60's group The Pretty Things. I also chose this one for the podcast, because a few people have been asking me to upload the mix. It doesn't have any talking, I just couldn't be bothered. You can just read what I have to say instead:

The Cat's Miaow – Autumn
What better way is there to start any indiepop endeavour than with a Cat's Miaow song? Australia have given us many fine bands, but this just might be the best. You can find this song, and about 70 more if you pick up the two comps that Library put out three years ago. "Autumn" is of the average Cat's Miaow length so 70 songs isn't really that much! Halloween was earlier this week, so a bit late maybe, but here's a song about pumpkins and drinking gin:
The Pines – October Gin Again
Bart from Cat's Miaow was also in The Shapiros with Pam Berry, as you may know. That band was around for about three weeks, but the most enduring of Pam's projects has turned out to be The Pines. "October Gin Again" was on the Please Don’t Get Married EP (issued by Becalmed in 2001) and is likely to be included on the upcoming Pines full-length on MatinĂ©e. It's not really an album, but a collection of EPs and compilation tracks.
Brighter – Summer Becomes Winter Again
Indeed summer becomes winter… again. Another MatinĂ©e compilation, that you couldn't have missed by this time, is the magnificent Out to Sea with Brighter. This song was originally on their only album Laurel.
The Clientele – The Evening In Your Eyes
Oh there's nothing that encapsulates a city dressed in autumn leaves the way The Clientele does! We haven't heard anything from them this year, but last autumn was to a large extent soundtracked by Strange Geometry. More overlooked was their other release at the end of the year: It's Art Dad, a compilation of demos 1991-1997. This is one of many stunning tracks on that record.
The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience – Shadows
A song that reminds me of The Clientele quite a lot, and they definitely share the 60's psych influence. This New Zealand band was one of the best Flying Nun could boast in the 80's. It's on The Size of Food from 1988.
The Sea Urchins – Please Rain Fall
Another band that wore their 60's influence on their sleeves. You probably know everything about these Sarah darlings already, so I won't bore you. As you may have noticed, not all the songs here are actually ABOUT the autumn. It's much easier to find songs about rain, so here's another one:
The June Brides – In the Rain
From one indiepop classic to another – the first single from The June Brides. Phil Wilson finished his set at the ICA with this one. If you haven't picked up the Cherry Red retropective yet, bad luck, it's sold out! You've probably heard "In the Rain" already and wasn't sure whether to choose the Lovejoy cover instead, but I wanted to play June Brides. The cover is really good though, recorded for the tribute cd, but now also included on the latest Lovejoy EP: England Made Me.
The Desert Wolves – November
Another song from a sold out retrospective and this one actually about the current month! After including "Mexico" on The Sound of Leamington Spa Volume 1, Firestation (then Firestation Tower) released one of my favourite cds ever: Pontification, with nine amazing songs by one of the most criminally overlooked band there are. Still, you may have more luck finding that than the original singles.
The Go-Betweens – The Sound of Rain
Something in memory of Grant McLennan then. One of the songs recorded in Australia for a would-be album. I think there are several cds compiling these early tracks. God bless him!
Glo-Worm – One Million Rainy Days
Another Pam Berry band, I confess that I can't get enough of them! This might be my favourite though. It's light as cotton and sweet as cotton candy. Still available on the K Records Glimmer comp, I think. Or hope.
Harper Lee – Autumn
I sincerely hope Harper Lee aren't really calling it a day. Their new ep is SO good. And their last album, that "Autumn" is on, seemed so promising! Harper Lee meant more to me than I can describe that autumn two years ago. I was hopeful when one day I listened to "I Could Be There For You", the next day it made me cry my eyes out. But especially Go Back to Bed, where all the lyrics reflected my life at time so well it was scary. Keris must have been in exactly the same situation when he wrote those songs. All Things Can Be Mended was equally bleak, but this song was a streak of hope right in the middle.
The Castaway Stones – Autumn II
The last band Pam Berry was in before she moved to London. Sometimes they are my favourite too! If I'm not mistaken Castaway Stones shared members with Slumberlanders The Ropers and The Saturday People. This song is from their 1998 album Make Love to You, a Shelflife classic and obviously sold out.
The Budgies – Summer Come Back!
The reason The Budgies are italicised is not because the are exceptionally good, which they are of course, but because they are this week's Swedish Band. There will be one for every show and we start out with the best of the best – at least they were before Days turned up. One thing's for sure, The Budgies is the only proper tweepop band that is still around in Sweden! This song was meant for a compilation, don't know if it is out yet. If you like The Budgies you should invest in the new live cd, which you can get cheap from
here. If anyone can bring the summer back – it's The Budgies!
Snowbirds – Rainy Day Boy
Snowbirds is probably my favourite "twee" band. They took their name from "Snowbirds Don't Fly" by Razorcuts and the girl was dating The Legend!. Their sound takes all the juicy bits from Razorcuts, Talulah Gosh, The Rosehips and mix them all into one sweet twee milkshake. This is from their demo, that you can find on the Waaah! site.
Sandra Phillips – World Without Sunshine
Twee certainly has a few things in common with northern soul and 60's fashion in general. This is this week's Northern Soul Hit, hence the italics, and it will work in the same way as the Swedish theme. As you know, there are not many northern songs about autumn, they're all about love, but this one has a suitable title at least. It's from 1966.
The Watermelon Men – Autumn Girl
The 60's revival spawned its equivalents in Sweden too. Swedish pop band Watermelon Men can be seen as such, indeed they are included on last year's The Children of Nuggets box, which I only just found out about. I got this song thanks to Little Hits and it's from their 1985 album Past, Present, and Future.
Love Parade – Autumn
My collection of Love Parade songs is growing slowly. There's one on Indiepages just now. Graeme Elston has been in a host bands: Astronaut, Luna, Pure and most recently Slipslide. But as usual the first is the best. "Autumn" was on their first release from 1990.
East Village – Black Autumn
Justly viewed as the best band in the world by many indiepop fans, East Village is also in my top ten. This is my favourite track off of their only album, Drop Out. What was once the Most Expensive Indiepop Record, the Hot Rod Hotel singles comp, is now available as part of the new reissue of Drop Out. A welcomed gift to the world from Japanese Excellent Records, from earlier this year. You haven't missed THAT, have you?

Raining In My Heart

(To avoid upsetting any of the bands, this will only be available until the next show. Let me know if the link stops functioning before then.)


Jim Martucci said...

Great cross section of bands! I could have used a little Tiger Trap or maybe some Tullycraft to keep it this side of fey, but altogether pretty good. The Castaway Stones was Pam Berry's best band? Huh? Well, The Ropers were awful... so how it that even possible?

Chris said...

thanks, and you'll get your share of tweepunk eventually. don't know about any tiger trap/tullycraft autumn songs...

my point is that all of pam's bands are her best. and i strongly disagree about the ropers. i didn't like them that much at first but i was won over by tracks like "revolver".