Thursday, November 02, 2006

Psychedelic Halloween

This morning, walking to school, I saw Stuart in Ashton Lane. Wonder what he'd been doing yesterday night? Halloween wasn't yesterday, but the day before yesterday you know. I was in town around midnight and Sauchiehall street was just packed with people, dressed in bad excuses for scary costumes, queuing to get into some club or other. Well I was just leaving a club, Capitol, that had four bands playing that night. I mainly went to see my friends All My Friends, who do a really good take on psych pop with equal parts Brian Wilson, Elephant6 and sixties psychedelia. I also got to see The Get Set Go, whose drummer is playing with AMF too. They went on when there was virtually no-one in the club, but I quite liked them. Then there was a rubbish band before Only Joe Kane was on. Joe played guitar on a few songs for AMF, but unfortunately I didn't get to see his own band because I had to go home. AMF friends are only just getting a full band together, so hopefully, I'll get to play some guitar for them!

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