Saturday, September 02, 2006

Set the Budgie Free!

So finally, the Budgies live cdr is released. It has as many as nine tracks, of which six are unreleased so far and two haven't even been recorded yet! Very exclusive, in other words. If you haven't seen The Budgies live (which you probably haven't if you don't live in Sweden or Denmark) you've certainly missed something as the songs sound even better than on the records. Listening to this recording it reminds me of live recordings I've heard with Talaulah Gosh, which is high praise indeed. The Budgies haven't released anything since the Summertime Obsessions EP last year and no one knows when the next record is coming out (apart from two songs to be included on upcoming compilation releases) so this is a must-buy. If you know Goof from the band he will have a few copies to sell - that's the most convenient way to get the cd. Otherwise you'll have to wait a week or so until I've made some more copies. They're numbered of course and how many will be made depends on how many orders I get. You can buy it directly from here and pay with PayPal. Just send $4 (shipping to wherever included) to this address.

The Budgies - Kaninkanon 2006 CDR

1. Think Small
2. The Theater Café
3. I Love You, What Should I Do?
4. Lucky Sunday
5. Secret Wish
6. Train Song
7. Summer Come Back!
8. Humblepie
9. X-Ray Boy


Marianthi said...

Hiya! Is this still available to buy?


The Rain Fell Down said...

i'm just making up the last fifteen copies.