Monday, September 04, 2006

Now I'm Even Further Away

Last night was easily one of the best this summer. It was a bit sentimental as well, saying goodbye to everyone. Thanks a bunch all of you! The Lucksmiths played a brilliant set, actually as good as when I last saw them, at the now non-existant Café UFO in Malmö two years ago. And that is one of the best shows I've ever seen. I'll see them in Gothenburg again and Marty promised to play different songs. Yesterday they played these songs:

A Hiccup In Your Happiness
Take This Lying Down
The Music Next Door
Synchronized Sinking
Great Lengths
Sunlight In a Jar
Stayaway Stars
A Downside to the Upstairs
Young and Dumb
Now I'm Even Further Away
The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Francisco
T-Shirt Weather
Midweek Midmorning
The Year of Driving Langourously

Perfect choice for the encore! The support acts were Like Honey from Malmö and Fred Astereo from Australia (aka the Lucksmiths merchandise guy). He was great too, and very funny. Me and Kajsa played these songs before and inbetween the gigs:

The Lighthouse Keepers – Ocean Liner
Remember Fun – Apple of My Eye
The Mayfields – Seasons Pass
The Submarines – Take Me Away
Felt – Riding On the Equator
The Tidy Ups – Death to the Tidy Ups
East Village – Kathleen
Cats On Fire – Crooked Paper Clips
St. Christopher – I Wish I Hadn’t Seen Her
Darrell Banks – Open the Door to Your Heart
The June Brides – I Fall
1000 Violins – Like One Thousand Violins
Belle & Sebastian – Rhoda
Soda Fountain Rag – Army of Silent Kids
The Desert Wolves – Passion In the Afternoon
The Besties – Zombie Song
Brighter – Wallflower
Trixie’s Big Red Motorbike – Norman & Narcissus
The Action – In My Lonely Room
A Smile and a Ribbon – A Little Late to Be Polite
The Excuse You’s – Florence
Chapter 5 – You Can’t Mean It
Amelia Fletcher – Wrap My Arms Around Him
The Bedtime Stories – Cinderella’s Boots
Diane Renay – Navy Blue
G.O.O.F. – All I Feel Is Love
Everyday Sensations – Action Action Go
Josef K – Chance Meeting
The Never Invited to Parties – Norma Jean
Pipas – Windswept Room
Sprites – George Romero
Another Sunny Day – What’s Happened?
Bare Knees – Fidelity
The Siddeleys – Falling Off of My Feet Again
Figurine – My Suitor
Hurrah! – Hip Hip
Hormones In Abundance – Champagnefrukost på sängen
The Chesterf!elds – Alison Wait
Language of Flowers – Who You’re With
Razorcuts – Snowbirds Don’t Fly
Hospitalet – Ge mig 5
Even As We Speak – Blue Suburban Skies
Lesley Gore – Look of Love
The Go-Betweens – One Thing Can Hold Us
Cats On Fire – Never Land Here
Tales of Jenny – Tuesday Girl
Pants Yell! – Your Feelings Don't Show
Where Gardens Fall – Search
Snowbirds – Yesterday’s Gone

This might be the last post before I leave, first to Gothenburg on Wednesday. So goodbye and see you later! If you're staying in Lund you shouldn't miss The Montgolfier Brothers, which is also at Emma's House.


antz said...

well played i söndags!

Chris said...

kul att du kom.

vi ses.

craig said...

hey I just wote about Hey Paulette today

plus we should exchange links if you plan on being around for awhile

(i also write swedesplease)