Friday, September 15, 2006

Glasgow vs SKWBN

Yesterday we had the first rainy day since I came here, but today the sun is shining again and my termometer shows 17.4 degrees celsius. Yesterday I also went to the uni for the first time, they've got an orientation program for international students. And there really were a lot of them! A met a Swedish girl and she told me she'd met several other fellow countrymen. The campus area is really beautiful and kind of isolated from the rest of the West End, I'll show you some pictures later. Now I'm really convinced I'm going to like it here. There's no counterpart to the Swedish "nation" though. There are only two student unions and they don't seem much fun. And I've got the flat properly cleaned out now! I also found a nice mirror from the 60's or early 70's at the Salvation Army shop. For only £4!

Coincidentally, yesterday was the day for this month's Sounds of Sweden club, arranged by my friend Stacey. This time it was at a bar called The Admiral in the city centre, which was actually quite a nice place. Playing this night were Boy Omega, who I don't really like, and SKWBN, who I like although I'm not crazy about them. They did a good set though and the sound was very good. Next month it's Bobby Baby and, strangely enough, The Fine Arts Showcase. I mean, they're not very good, are they? I'm trying my best to do some lobbying...

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