Saturday, September 30, 2006

Me and My Paisley Tie

The band Me and Dean Martin sung about ripping up all of one's clothes (including your paisley shirt) or doing whatever it would take to make the girl you love come back. I haven't got a paisley shirt, but I've got a tie I just got at a vintage clothes shop round the block. I managed not to rip it up last night though, when I went to the legendary NPL - the National Pop League - for the first time. But it was very hot! You know how it is a Retro? It was was worse than that, and still the place is ten times as big and they even had two enourmous fans (the mechanical things, not people), why has no-one thought of fans in Sweden? Anyway, I've heard a lot of good things about NPL and it really was that good. It's really just one guy, John, who arranges it and plays records. The Woodside is a very good place for clubs. It's very big, but this club is popular enough to fill all the chairs and tables AND the dancefloor. You should come visit the next time it is, which is October 27th. Hopefully it's gotten colder by then!

Here you can't "dance to The Smiths on your own".

I also went to see The Pipettes, who played The Garage on Tuesday. It was a fine evening, if you leave everything exept The Pipettes out. I didn't get a very good impression of the venue, which is quite a mainstream club right on Sauchiehall street. Gwen called it "a step up" but I'm not so sure... It looked dreary at best, with all brown brick walls. Lots of kids were there. There were two support bands: The Hot Puppies who were ok and another band I can't remember the name of, but no matter cause they were really rubbish! Probably the worst I've seen this year. What a contrast, coming from the best gig of the year the day before to this shite. They were trying to be cool rockers, jumping around like I dunno what. I can't believe they really thought they were as good as they seemed to think they were. You even got frisked before you could come into the club! And then the security men practically kicked everyone out, right after the show. I didn't get a chance to say hi to Gwen, Rose and Becky but I did talk to two of the Cassettes for a bit. They said they've played Brighton as well, so I guess Antonia saw them too. She moved there about same time I moved here, hope she's doing alright. You should have a listen to her music on

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