Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's a Good Day For Flying

A Sunny Day In Glasgow is probably an ironic band name, but the sun was shining when I arrived yesterday. The weather was great in both Gothenburg and Glasgow. I felt a bit lost and lonely at first, because there was no one to meet me at the station, and the hostel really isn't my kind of place... But the evening was much better. I went round to Stacey's flat and met Kate who's also looking for a flat and they were kind enough to give me some dinner! And then we went to Little League, which was at the RAFA - a place run by former RAF soldiers. Sudddenly I felt right at home, as we went in the door they were playing Talulah Gosh. So I got to dance to some good tunes. And it felt like I met all the people I met last time I was here all at once. And I met some Camera Obscura members, a Camera Obscura cover star and I had chat with Stuart as well. Here's him leanining menacingly over his new girlfriend:

Today I'm going flat hunting with Sarah from Sinister and this evening it's the Winchester Club with Dot to Dot! And the weather looks promising... Hope so, cause I haven't gotten myself an umbrella yet!

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