Friday, September 15, 2006

Something to Call My Own

If you never bought Brighter’s Laurel you should get the new comp called Out to Sea: The Rest of Brighter from Matinée. It includes that, plus lots of hard-to-find stuff! On Saturday I was at The Winchester Club, which is at a place called The Woodside here in the West End. Strange place for a club if you ask me, looked almost like some old social club, good though. Dot to Dot, a great band that Richard is in, were playing. I’ve never seen them and they don’t play often enough these days, so it was a real treat. They might remind you a bit of Josef K. Mr Murdoch likes them as well so you don’t really have a choice on this one.

The support act was great too, a guy called Remember Remember. He basically just played his Fender Jaguar and looped it layer upon layer, except for some glockenspiel. A bit reminiscent of Durutti Column at times. You can’t go wrong with layered guitars! This was more on the droning, hypnotic side though – I almost fell asleep!

Well, it’s high time to tell you about the flat I just moved into on Monday! It’s just off Byres Road by Hillhead underground station, in a beautiful street with a private garden. It was more than a bit dirty, but it’s starting to look better. It’ll be great when I get the floor vacuum cleaned! Here’s the lounge/bedroom:

If you want to send letters the address is:
Flat 1/1
37 Athole Gardens
G12 9BQ

And if you have some money to spend you can call to: +44 (0)7726 436584

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