Saturday, September 30, 2006

Strawberry Monday

This Monday has been a bank holiday over here and I've just come back from seeing the best gig this year. BMX Bandits played at the Oran Mor as a part of a mini-festival! You lucky bastards who were able to go to Pop Revo in Ã…rhus surely had a fine time seeing them too. And you got to see Harper Lee too!! Keris says that was their last gig... But hey, I got to see Gordon McIntyre from Ballboy. That's not so bad aye? He played here tonight as well, as did another band called Ten to Five Project. They were pretty decent, but I left before the last band called Glasvegas because I heard they weren't very good. But Thee BMX Bandits! What can you say? Duglas and Rachel were so cool, such great stage personalities! They played lots of old songs, but I think I enjoyed "I Wanna Fall In Love" best. Stevie Jackson stood next to me. He really enjoyed the old school distorted guitar solos, which were kind of cheesy but in a cool way. You should invest in the new album called My Chain. Another one, entiltled Bee Stings, is coming soon!

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