Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bright Pavilions

Summer is the season of mixtaping, and making tapes for pop festivals are especially important. I've already compiled my tape for the Rip It Up festival, although I haven't recorded it yet. It looks really promising - and it's only two weeks now until I get to see St. Christopher play live! I really must buy my ticket soon. If you want to hear it I suggest you come along. TVPs are with all probability NOT coming, but it'll be great anyway!

The Dovers – People Ask Me Why
The Orange Peels – Everybody’s Gone (demo)
The Rain – Saint Martin’s-In-the-Fields
The Byrds – Have You Seen Her Face
Primal Scream – It Happens
Biff Bang Pow! – The Happiest Girl In the World
St. Christopher – Gabriel
Blueboy – Always There
The Pines – Baby You’ll Do
Brittle Stars – Souvenir
Love Dance – Unsympathetic Ways
Fat Tulips – Girl That You Once Knew
Sportique – If You Ever Change Your Mind
The Squires – Go Ahead
The Rainyard – 1,000 Years
The Choo Choo Train – Parasol

Happydeadmen – Science Fiction
Holidaymakers – Cincinatti
Bulldozer Crash – Sarah Said
Brighter – Don’t Remember
Razorcuts – Snowbound
The Sea Urchins – Day Into Day
The Poets – I’ll Come Home
The Thanes – Girls
The Claim – Hopeless
Television Personalities – The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Dreaming
Reserve – Postcard From Paradise (slow version)
Johnny Johnson – Cripple Me
Popguns – I’m Spoiling Everything
The Velvet Crush – Circling the Sun
Paulie Chastain – Raining All Day


brogues said...

A summer mixtape that ends in 'Raining All The Day'? You've been amongst the rain clouds of Glasgow too long, matey :) Great tape, mind!

ourpeboritp!o!p! said...

I would love to hear that Johnny Johnson track! looks great!



The Rain Fell Down said...

maybe i should've put "will it rain tomorrow?" by rodney allen on there too ;)

i actually listened to that yesterday, and we got some sunshine today didn't we?

it's not a summer mixtape btw, it's a festival tape and sometimes at festivals it DOES rain all day.