Monday, June 04, 2007


So, here it is - the last The Rain Fell Down programme to be broadcast from Subcity and the tiny studio in the John McIntyre building. The name today comes from a song by Television Personalities, and fittingly the woman in the picture is Emma Peel from the British 60's tv series The Avengers. If you like the track by The Local heroes, which you OUGHT to, you can go here and read about how to get a copy of their cd. Next Monday there will be an mp3 mix for you to download though! This file starts with the Groove Farm track, unfortunately, so if you're a huge Jasmine Minks fan you'll have to listen to the end of this.

The Jasmine Minks – What’s Happening

The Groove Farm – God’s Tears
The Exotics – Come With Me
The Pandoras – It Just Ain’t True
Little Anthony & the Imperials – Gonna Fix You Good (Every Time You're Bad)
The Buff Medways – Troubled Mind
The Tyde – Crystal Canyons
Cats On Fire – Mesmer and Reason
Love Dance – Perfect Friendship
The Wild Swans – Mythical Beast
The Direct Hits – Ever Ready Plaything
Tibi Lubin – Romany Rye
Belmondo – Grey-Eyed Lie
BMX Bandits – Girl At the Bus Stop
Slow Club – Sunday
The Margarets – Countryside
The Local Heroes – Hands In the Air
Brittle Stars – Four Words
The Visitors – Never Has, Never Will

The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming


ally. said...

little anthony never fails...

so what's next?

The Rain Fell Down said...

well, a few more podcasts - up to no. 32 i think. then i'm off to sweden!

i saw you'd used the same picture for an old flyer... did you ever see the avengers?



alistair fitchett said...

fucking GREAT playlist. What a great start and finish... phew. Nice way to bow out :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm playing with The Margarets. We're very glad you like us :)But why didn't you contact us about this? It was by an accident we found out about this.

August (The Margarets)

The Rain Fell Down said...

hej august!
jag brukar inte skriva till band bara för att jag spelar dem, och dessutom är det ju ganka naturligt att ni kom med i detta sammanhanget eftersom ni gör bra popmusik! får man fråga hur gamla ni är? det var någon som trodde ni var väldigt unga.

Anonymous said...


Vi är 18. Kul att folk uppskattar våran musik. Har du fått några mer kommentarer om oss? Upptäckte du oss via indie-mp3 eller? Tom skrev en fin artikel om oss där.

ps. Gillar din dialekt med ditt svenska uttal av Linköping. Grymt.

/ August

The Rain Fell Down said...

läste om er på indie-mp3 först och tyckte det var konstigt att jag inte upptäckt er tidigare! det var nästan ingen annan jag känner som hört er heller. men nu har de :)

Tom said...

I love to know what you are saying about indie mp3. Something polite I hope!

The Rain Fell Down said...

the margarets were wondering if i'd heard about them via your blog, and i did. so thanks for telling the world about them!