Thursday, June 28, 2007


Recently I've been more and more taken by the bands on the old Teatime label, that Indiepages had some songs from on their sounds page a while ago. The only bands I knew on it before where The Spinning Wheels and The Candy Darlings. I'd only heard about The Driscolls and Mousefolk, who actually started the label. Since then I've heard so many good songs, especially by The Dricolls, who were one of many indiepop bands at the time to take their cues from 60's garage. They even did a cover Fire's "Father's Name Was Dad", which is really good. The Driscolls released four singles between 1987 and 1990 and turned up on countless compilation tapes (13 according to!). One tape that isn't listed on TweeNet however is Kite - it's from 1989 and the tracklisting is:

The Driscolls - Call Me Anything
The Popguns - Don't Smile (live)
Big Red Bus - Another World
The Mayfields - All You Ever Say
Buy off the Bar - No Money For the Lavatory
The Candy Darlings - That's Where Caroline Lives
The Colgates - Before
The Haywains - Surfing in My Sleep (live)
Mousefolk - Fire Engine
Jane Pow - Why Am I Here?
Jerks - Waterskin
The Penny Candles - No Doubt
Great Scott - The Very Best Part
The Man from Delmonte - Casual Friends (live)
The Moneygods - Papa's Gonna Buy Me a CD Player
Nervous Curve - Your Idea of Heaven
St. Christopher - To the Mountain (live)
Crocodile Ride - Ride
Howl in the Typewriter - Melt
The Williams - Can I Walk in Your World
Rodney Allen - Victoria's Values
Wom - Hanging Man
Honeycrash - Smiling Behind Me
Millstones - Walking Stick Pub
Singing Curtains - While the Children Build Sandcastles I Can Sail & Windsurf
Dirty Stop-Outs - Trying So Hard

Margery Daws - Typical Day

The Driscolls - Call Me Anything


Anonymous said...

"Father's Name Was Dad" was by Fire, not the Smoke. A far superior band, at least before that awful prog concept LP. The U.S. Smoke, however, would probably be to your taste--West Coast Pop Artex talent put into the service of brass-augmented psych-pop. Fab stuff.

The Rain Fell Down said...

oops! sorry about that. changed it now.



FireEscape said...

Do you have that tape? If so, is there any way you can post the Great Scott! song? You're Off Again is one of my favourite songs and I'd love to hear anything else by them...

Anonymous said...

Good grief! I was actually in The Singing Curtains and didn't know we achieved the heady heights of a proper compilation tape. Know where can get a copy, for old time's sake?

Keir said...

I knew The Jerks (often just rendered as Jerks on posters) and don't remember this! I remember the song Waterskin though, it was track 1 on their 3rd demo.