Monday, July 02, 2007

No Matter Where You Are

And before I knew it I'm back again! The last week in Glasgow was among the best, thanks to a certain person, so I'll miss it sorely. I watched Roman Holiday for the first time yesterday, and it really struck a chord. But I've got no time to worry, cause I've got gigs to go to! The Clientele haven't played Glasgow for years, but it seems they are still faithful to their Swedish fans. It's ironic how there's nothing much happening in Glasgow this week and here The Clientele are playing at Debaser (a new venue) tomorrow, and today I'm going to see Deerhoof. Again! I went to see them with Hannah and her friends in Glasgow exactly one week ago, and it was good enough to make me want to see them again.

When I got home Louis Philippe's new album was waiting in a parcel for me. I've listened to it a few times and it's one of the best records so far this year. Definitely one of his very best - quite comlex in orchestration, arrangement and concept. It's called An Unkown Spring and features Alasdair from The Clientele on some acoustic guitar. Alasdair and Mel also help out with some of the harmonies. I hope Louis comes over to play sometime too.

I'll put up the last podcast today, but I also have some stuff left to write about from last week so it's not over just yet! And I've got about ten more songs that I just HAVE to post. So if you were thinking about converting your computer into a cosy house for hamsters, I suggest you wait a while.

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