Monday, July 16, 2007


I still think James Dean Driving Experience are every bit as good as they're reputed to be. (And as they seem to think themselves.) Still no news of the compilation though. I would indeed have payed a lot for this 12" so I hope it comes before the next copy turns up on eBay! This song is my favourite JDDE song, though there are still a few I haven't heard. It's simply a perfect pop song and indeed it is one of my favourite songs of all time. They actually had quite a distinct sound for being a jangle pop outfit. They had a violin player (that actually sounds like a third guitarist on "Ballad of Bedford Town") and were sometimes joined by the distiguished folk guitarist Mac Macleod. The singer also has a very soft and pleasant voice, although it's sometimes so mellow you can't make out the lyrics. The actor on the cover of Clearlake Revisited is Rita Hayworth and all of their record covers had different actors on the front. All female, predictably. Thanks to Brogues for making this post possible!


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brogues said...

I'm glad you like it ... I knew it would find a better home chez toi :)