Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In the Hit Parade

Thought it might be interesting to see some statistics of which were the most popular DROPs, as the end is now imminent. Of course the old ones have been up longer, so it won't tell you too much. For example the Paul Chastain tune has already been downloaded 32 times, and I only just put it up. Anyway, there's no doubt about The Suede Crocodiles keeping their position at the top!

The Suede Crocodiles - Stop the Rain (288)
The Suede Crocodiles - Paint Yourself a Rainbow (215)
The Bridal Shop - From Seas (204)
Skypark - Bicycle Boy (199)
Twa Toots - Don't Send Me Flowers (195)
The Search Engines - There She Goes (178)
The Mayfields - Call My Name (177)
The Pines - If She Doesn't Smile (It'll Rain) (175)

1 comment:

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