Wednesday, July 04, 2007

No Dreams Last Night

Just the day before The Clientele played I went to see Deerhoof at exactly the same venue. It was only 20 kr (£1.50) which is extremely cheap even for a weekday gig! I'd actually been to seem them just one week before that, at ABC2 in Glasgow. I went with Hannah and her friends and it was so good I had to see them again. I'd been out of touch with them since The Runners Four, but all the songs were great - the new ones too. It was a good turn-out at Debaser as well. At ABC they were supported by two band - their Californian friends in noise band Kit and some Canadians that called themselves Holy Fuck - both were great. Over here the slightly inferior locals in Talking to Teapots supported. They didn't impress me nearly as much as last time I saw them, three years ago. They've gone all Archers of Loaf since then, apparently, I didn't even know they were still around.

I stood right in front of Greg last week, so no wonder he recognised me when I went up to talk to him before the gig. We talked about this old live recording of their gig at the Emmaboda festival three years ago, and if I get round to uploading it I'll give you the link as well. We had a nice chat and I spoke briefly to Satomi too and they're all such lovely people! The setlist was pretty much the same as last week, apart from the encore, but I didn't mind as I hadn't listened to them for far too long before that anyway. The picture above is of Satomi last week, and here's Greg two days ago. I ended up standing right in front of him again, as you can see!

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