Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I've finally heard the Postcard For Flossy EP by The Poppyheads, that was the fourth flexi in the Sha-La-La series. Since the Cremation Town EP on Sarah became one of my favourite releases on the label, I've been desperate to hear these four songs. To be honest they're very different from say, "Dreamabout". Not unaccomplished, but more twee maybe - definitely more naive! Once you get used to the thought though, they're briliant songs. Three of them with female backing vocals. The third one is the one on which you can glimpse the sound and direction they later went for. This is "First Thing". It's a crying shame they only did one proper 7". And it's a shame I can't afford it!



ally. said...

damn i wish i'd known you'd been after this - i think i've got a spare one somewhere you could've had, although quite what state it would be in by now i hate to think. are you missing any of the other sha la la things?
and may i suggest a visit to torquils atom miksa reservation myspace - the new songs are fabulous.

Mark said...

For me this flexi perfectly sums up everything that made Sha La La great. It was throwaway pop, although ironically it's become a collectors item.

It was a whole an EP on a flexi. Infact, I much prefer this to their Sarah release - it had sparkle, immeadiacy, naïevity and a care-free attitude. Qualities, I personally feel, that were missing on their Sarah release.

It offered an alternative to the orthodox indie scene. Yes, you and your friends could become a "pop" star tomorrow. And to quote The Desperate Bicycles...it was cheap, it was easy, go and do it.

Good to see this spirit in the new labels like Cloudberry and Wee!Pop.

Postcard For Flossy EP is well worth a review. Kris...thanks!