Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Because We're Not Dead, Yet

No, you have to stay alive until you've gotten hold of Slow Club's first single. I've ordered my copy from Moshi Moshi (which is probably the easiest option if you're not in the UK) and I'm waiting impatiently. When you've got "Because We're Dead" in your hand you can pass away with a smile on your face. And a tune in your brain. No, lots of tunes. That won't go away. I had they pleasure of seeing Slow Club at Tchai Ovna, the same day I came back to Glasgow from my Gothenburg trip (more about that soon). It was a Sunday - June the 10th. Tchai Ovna is a really small place so there was no dancing, just some serious twitching. If I was proper reviewer I'd probably say there was a really tangible atmosphere, or something. But I don't have to tell you how special this gig was. Slow Club is a band destined for worldwide success, just like Architecture In Helsinki, so it was a privilege to see them do this small (in several respects) gig, which was the first gig of their first headlining tour! No room to dance, but I did some jumping and skipping on my way home instead. If you heard someone singing "Sunday" down Great George St it was probably me! David was shocked to find the entry was 6 quid, but it made sense because there turned out to be three acts. Local boy Only Joe Kane was first on. I've missed several opportunities to see him before so I was glad to catch him finally. He played solo this time, but managed to really rock out. How could you fail in those sunglasses?:

The middle band was a band called Finniston (and were not from Finnieston) and they were good as well. They sounded a bit like Aberfeldy and The Lucksmiths, but were scarily competent. I mean, they found out they only had two microphones, so they decided to sing without mics - still they managed to make their three-part harmonies heard! And the guy who played double bass and violin was obviously a professional musician and played in an orchestra. I think I had something witty to say about them a month ago, but that's what I get for putting off writing about it for so long, I guess.

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brogues said...

Oh dear ... The Brogues lives up to the 'stingy Scotsman' stereotype. I must've been on a skint week that week. Anyways .. I'm off to drink Buckfast and eat a deep fried Mars bar :)