Monday, July 02, 2007


So this is the last one. It's meant more as a compilation that you can burn to cd, just like no. 8. There's not much to say really. Greg and Elizabeth from The Carousel are on the cover and the tracklist includes some old and new The Rain Fell Down favourites! Perhaps some explanation is needed for the more obscure tracks though. The Dovers one is from the 10" I've been raving about earlier, and the guy who wrote the liner notes says it's the song that captures the band's essence best - I think Brogues would concur. That double-time break is astounding! "So Many Times" is from a series of compilations called Texas Flashbacks, featuring 60's garage and psych groups from that state. "Poet" is a brilliant 1000 Violins b-side that was strangely not included on the singles compilation Like One Thousand Violins. "Rainin' In My Heart" is from The Crawdaddys' first album, which means 1979. I just included it because my first podcast was named after this song, although I didn't know I actually had a version of it on my computer! And finally I've included Belle & Sebastian because they will always remain my favourite band, and "Beautiful" is still their best song I think.

Here's the back cover with the tracklist, if you want to print it.


Matt said...

that biff bang pow! track is the jam!

you run an awesome blog here, too, by the way
keep it up!! :D


L said...

Your blog is the Cats. Fantastic tunes, one after the other. Love it. Thanks for all the time and effort.

Grimnir said...

Link is down man!

la vie sportive said...

Hi and thank you for a brilliant blog.
Could you please repost this even though the blog is "closed down"?