Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My favourite band at the moment is probably this long-forgotten Shelflife act. I had never heard them until quite recently because Shelflife seems not to have cared too much about releases once they'd sold out. I never read anthing about them, and there were no songs to download. They're called Brittle Stars and are like a cross between the otherwise best two bands on the label - Skypark and The Autocollants. They have the crisp guitars of the former and gorgeous keyboards of the latter. And they have an almost unparalleled asset in singer Estelle, who's voice is truly heavenly. The first time I heard them was this year, when I got "Falling Backwards" on a Japanese compilation 7". Then I heard California Snow Story's cover of "This Trip" from the Shelflife comp You're Still Young At Heart. That was such an amazing song and I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the original, which was even better! Brittle Stars only recorded one, self-titled album and then split up. Three remaining songs were released together with compilation tracks and remixes as Garage Sale in 2001. Both records are now seemingly impossible to find! If you get addicted to Estelle's voice too, you should look up her new band Elephant Parade and buy their album Bedroom Recordings on their MySpace. Brittle Stars were simply too good for this world.

Brittle Stars - No Longer Waiting


JaxR said...

You couldn't be more right! I bought the CD at the time and I'm glad people discovering the band today are still amazed how good they were!!
Thank you for your very interesting blog.

kurt said...

..they also did an amazing cover of omd's souvenir, w/c was featured on shelflife's tribute to omd, pretending to see the future.
and personally i think their best song ever was 'you went in phases'.
just totally heavenly gorgeous!!

extravagantaudio said...

Estelle also did some backing vocals for the incredible Human Television (http://www.myspace.com/humantelevision).

I was fortunate enough to see Brittle Stars play in their then home of Gainesville, FL, in a tiny club with a translucent back wall. So, so good!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris,

I'd love to hear the Brittle Stars but i think there is a problem with the download. can you please help?


The Rain Fell Down said...

sorry about that, should work fine now! i love "souvenir" as well.



Anonymous said...

Some mp3s of brittle stars http://www.hushie.com/searchqnewv2.php?detectflash=false&q=brittle%20stars