Saturday, August 05, 2006

Everything Went POP!

It seems my Musicology essay on C86 has been read by a few people now. It still up on Indie-MP3 - I could have done it much better now, but if you're interested in C86 it might be a good read. If not only for the contributions from legends like Gregory Webster, Amelia Fletcher, Everett True (aka The Legend!, aka Jeffrey Thackray), Matt Haynes, Clare Wadd etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Krister:

My english is sub-standard, so excuse (i'm from Chile).

First fo all, congratulations, i've read your document on C-86, and it's fantastic.

In your essay you say that "The original of this essay has an attached cd with mp3s of most of the song mentioned". Can you give me that list?

I'm a recently fanatic of indie pop, and specially C-86 era, and I'm collecting the songs; your list will be invaluable.

Many thanks in advance,

My email is: ricardomartinezg at gmail