Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Just What the World Needs Now, Another Poet

Starting the third post in a row with a line from a Hey Paulette song DOES say something about the greatness of the recently released comp Long Ball Into Nowhere. Anyways, when I got back home the first thing I did was to open the packet containing my copy of Souvenirs From Egg Records. It has 27 songs on it and several are now among my top 100 songs ever. The one that really floored me however, was "Take Me Away" with The Submarines. I might post it here later when I get the possibility. But wait just a sec! Wasn't there another festival i should mention? That's right, the Sunday after Emmaboda was the day for "I'm From Bräkne-Hoby" (a pun on a, sadly, successful Swedish band). It was in a village called Bräkne-Hoby, in a massive brick building we were told was a former mental hospital. It was very cosy, although we were all quite tired. Check out the line-up at! It was everyone's "Lucky Sunday" when The Budgies played a punky set. I caught them somewhere mid-song, hence the blur! We're now gearing up for their next gig, at the Kaninkanon festival in Copenhagen this Friday.

A lot of English was spoken between and during concerts as half of the crowd didn't speak Swedish (I think there were 70 paying visitors). On the morning the following day, before catching the bus home, me and Goof played a song of mine at the "breakfast punk" (a pun on Emmaboda's breakfast pop). We introduced ourselves as the The Bedtime Stories and said that it was our only live performance ever... (New name next time I guess!). On the bus we took home it said "via all stations"...

It was a bit sad saying goodbye to Andrew, Carly and Sterling from Pants Yell! and all our other friends but I hope to see them soon again. Their coming single is a treat, I can tell you. Don't Stop Making Music!


Andreas said...

I'm envious, you write so good.
I really enjoyed reading through your entries. Thanks for the link too. Hope everything is going well for ya!

Cheers!! // Andreas

Mattias said...

Hey! The correct url for the Bräkne-Hoby festival ends with a .tk - would be nice if you changed that! Welcome back next year.

Anonymous said...

Glad you like the compilation
Egg Records, Glasgow