Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You Make Me Feel Closer to the Door Than the Hinges

Well, I've returned alive from six arduous festival days. Emmaboda honestly exceeded my expectations by far. I don't think I've ever met so many of my friends in such a short period of time. The weather was much nicer than the forecasts had said as well, it was sunny right up until the Saturday. Which was the day I played with A Smile and a Ribbon... Fortunately it stopped raining just before we were on! The gig went well considering it was our second ever. Our cover of The Chefs' "Sweetie" seemed to be appreciated, and a few shy kids came up to us afterwards to express their appreciation. Andrew from Pants Yell! enjoyed it as well, which was flattering! Back at our camp I discovered a good five centimeters of rainwater in mine and Goof's tent, but luckily Lisa came to the resque when she said that her friend was picking her up in her car that evening! Otherwise I would've had no place to sleep. They dropped me off in Bräkne-Hoby, which you can read about in the next post.

Just before we left I had my best time of the whole festival, watching Camera Obscura in a gentle Glaswegian drizzle. It was the best gig just because I've longed to see them for so long (two years?). They were late and in a hurry, but I had a chat with Gavin who seemed to remember me. I warned him that I was coming to Glasgow to harrass him and the rest of the band quite soon! The second best shows were Pipas, Pants Yell! and The Pipettes. Here's a picture of a tired Lupe and Mark, watching Bobby from The Pipettes play solo. It was lucky they were able to come, as many flights from London were cancelled because of some terrorist wankers. Don't they ever get tired?

We had a very unofficial mini-festival at our camp during the first day as well. As you can see Goof played a few songs in his Razorcuts shirt, and Let's Be Honeys played too as well as 2/5 of Ampel, Andrew from Pants Yell!, Strip Squad's alias Tommy Lindell and ehm... me! I've never done that before so it wasn't flawless, but we didn't have any microphones anyway so anyone outside a five meter radius probably didn't hear a note (not to mention the ones i missed). I did a version of "I Fought In a War", four of my own songs and concluded with "The Year of Driving Langourously" by our favourite Aussies. I met Mark Monnone later, but I didn't tell him. I'll be seeing him again soon togther with the other two (sorry, three it is these days) in Gothenburg and Lund, just before I leave. Which reminds me to tell you that the date is now set: I will arrive at Prestwick on September 8th!

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