Saturday, August 19, 2006

Friends In Literature

So, yesterday I was at Kaninkanon (translates as "Rabbit Cannon") in Copenhagen. It's a one-day festival arranged for the fourth year in a row by Mads from the Danish band Scaredycat. This year it was at the Literaturhaus, a former church, not usually a pop venue but a place for various cultural happenings. This is what the entrance looked like:

Being a former church, the acoustics had a potential for a good sound, and it DID sound good once in a while, but some of the gigs just turned into one big muddle. But overall it was a fine evening, although it did get terribly hot inside as there were no windows and the doors had to remain shut to avoid disturbing the neighbours. I remember thinking this is the warmest place I've ever been to that wasn't a sauna! There were 10 Swedish and Danish bands on the line-up, and the best gigs were by (from left to right below) Ampel, Let's Be Honeys (who's now actually changed name to Nils Folke Valdemar Sings:), The Budgies, bare knees and Strip Squad.

Best by far were The Budgies, who did one of their best shows ever. In the program it said that they would play at a "manic tempo" and they did play fast; I recorded the set on my mp3-player, but the first song was over before I could turn it on! (Well, "Dream" is about 20 seconds anyway...) The sound was pretty good then, or it just suited them, giving them a proper Talulah Gosh sound. The recording is pretty good too, after some heavy EQ-ing, so if the band approve I might make it available to the public one way or the other...


anton said...

vad trevligt det verkar, synd man missade. väl skrivet! ser fram emot att läsa mer...och kunna lyssna på ljudklipp.

Chris said...

ja, jag måste ju skaffa bredband i skottland, så det kommer definitivt bli musik framöver!