Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Jangling Guitars In My Ears

That was going to be the name of a fanzine in the shape of a blog, that I was going to do - mostly about music. It's actually a mishearing of the opening lines of "The Sun Shines Here" by the magnificent Hurrah! (The correct words are: "it jangled, it talked in my ear"). Well, anyway I liked it because other fanzines have been inspired by Hurrah! songs - Are You Scared to Get Happy? is the most well know, written by Matt pre-Sarah. It's not going to happen now, because I have this blog instead. There will be will music here as well though, I'll try to stick to stuff that is not available anymore or that you can't buy anywhere. Starting today is a string of mp3s that will be catologue-numbered DROP x. If I ever get to one hundred I promise I will put in an announcement in the papers to tell you I'm quitting. Enjoy!


stephen said...

How do you know the correct words?

For years I have been singing "jangling guitars in my ears". I'm sure they are the right ones.

I'm not going to stop singing them now!

Great blog by the way.

bye for now

Chris said...

well, that's what it says in the sleeve! but it's the japanese reissue, so maybe they don't have a clue... the rest seems right though.

thanks anyway,