Thursday, October 19, 2006


Scotland's number one group today might be Bubblegum Lemonade, but 40 years ago The Poets where the kings of the turf. A five-piece beat (soon to be freakbeat) group dressed in black suits and white frill shirts. What was unusual about them was they they relied solely on material penned by their own members, and to fantastic results. Nuggets-owners are probably familiar with the mind-blowing b-side of their second single, "That's the Way It's Got to Be", but that was only one of six singles released. "Call Again" was the fourth, also released in 1965, and is more of a classic 12-string jangler. As to this date there is still a not a proper compilation of The Poets' recordings, as Decca won't let their stuff go. I got this track from the Scotland's No. 1 Group bootleg that is full of demos but most of which suffer from crap sound quality. Still worth acquiring though, if you come across it.

The Poets - Call Again

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tyler said...

i've got a reissue of a poets seems to be a comp of stuff with a few "previously unreleased acetates".
14 tracks. label says "immediate records" but i'm not sure they still exist? i don't even know where i bought it! fantastic, though!