Monday, October 30, 2006

Who Said Budgies Don't Fly?

It may be that snowbirds don't fly, but these Swedish birds sure will go far! So, yesterday I handed out the last of the 96 flyers and it's about time I told you just how to get your hands on that Budgies live record. Basically, all you have to do is to send the flyer back, in an envelope together with you name, address and email. The first five who do this will find a copy of the cd in their mailboxes sooner than you'd think! The address you send them to is:

The Rain Fell Down
1/1, 37 Athole Gardens
G12 9BQ

This goes for everyone in possesion of a flyer, whether you got in London yesterday or in Emmaboda two months ago! To read more about this intriguing record, go to this old post. To give sweets to budgies, go here. Best of luck!


nils said...

Wow! that picture is amazing!!! Do you have it in hi-res so I could have it as my desktop image?

I wish I had had a flyer. But I'll buy the cd anyway as soon as I've found a new home!

Chris said...

you back in gothenburg? i'm sure i gave you a flyer, but perhaps you've lost it... i got the picture from their myspace. i think Kalle's girlfriend took the them. The picture is bigger on myspace but not THAT big. maybe they've got a bigger one?