Thursday, October 12, 2006

Montague Terrace (In Purple)

Just put together a new comp. I did have a certain person in mind, but again, if anyone of my friends want one, I'll be happy to oblige. The title this time is taken from the song by Mayfair Charm School (which was In Blue). Cover photo: Linnview Avenue in Simshill, 1955. A popular Sunday afternoon walk, they say. Again taken by the Partick Camera Club. I've strayed from the usual jangly style often permeating my mix-tapes, to a slightly more elegant and él-infused air (what do think of "él-egant"?). Indeed, several tracks were él singles. Others are from the stylish decade commonly known to contemporary man as "the sixties". Tracklisting:

Marden Hill – Oh Constance
Aztec Camera – Pillar to Post
The King of Luxembourg – Valleri
Ken Williams – Come Back
Bad Dream Fancy Dress – Curry Crazy
35 Summers – Really Down
James Dean Driving Experience – Sean Connery
The Orange – What’s In a Name?
The Seven Souls – I Still Love You
Francoise Hardy – Je veux qu’il revienne
The Cat’s Miaow – Peut-être que rien jamais
Louis Phillipe – Like Nobody Do
Anthony Adverse – Our Fairy Tale
Three Berry Icecream – A Towering Cloud In the Summer
Majestic – Overcoat
The Sunny Street – Morton and Claude
Days – Echo of Last Summer
St. Christopher – If I Could Capture
The Mayfields – Deeper Than the Ocean
The Hoodwinks – Once Again
The Inspirations – Touch Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me
The Action – Baby You’ve Got It
Felt – Apple Boutique
Always – Thames Valley Leather Club
The Lighthouse Keepers – Springtime
The Go-Betweens – You Can’t Say No Forever
The Wallflowers – Blushing Girl, Nervous Smile


Murphy said...

I would kill for a copy of "Sean Connery" -- an mp3 I mean. Could you help me out? I'd be forever grateful. Thank you!

The Rain Fell Down said...

oh look:

use with wisdom.