Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Went Up to the Country Park...

...and ALMOST hung around til after dark! I went to Pollok Country Park yesterday, which is in the south of Glasgow - had to take a train to get there. It was cool, like walking in a forest, because I went in thorugh the wrong entrance. I discovered the asphalt paths later... I had not anticipated this when I decided which shoes I should wear! Actually, I didn't go there just to hang out among the trees. In the park is the building housing the Burrell Collection, a huge collection of artworks left after a filthily rich bloke called William Burrell. There weren't many paintings on display, but I found some great pastels by Degas and his oil painting of ballerinas practicing. There were also some Rodin sculptures, including The Thinker. But where were the photographs? Haven't thought about that until now.

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