Saturday, October 21, 2006

In My Secret Garden

Hello everyone! I've been doing some interesting things these last days, including venturing into the Private Garden for the first time. My street encircles a sizable garden, complete with imposing fence and robust iron gates to keep the common man out. Not really. Everyone who lives in this street's supposed to have a key, but there are only two keys for us at no 37. So now I finally got hold of my neighbour across from me and got to borrow the key. But having gone to all this trouble I went down to the gate, proudly brandishing my key, only to find someone had left the gate slightly open anyway. It reminds of of those great lines in "Raincoat" by Melodie Group: "Unfortunately no one is home, but fortunately I have got my key. Unfortunately someone's changed the lock, and no one took the trouble to tell me." Anyways, I walked around as the sun was peering through the clouds, listening to The Tidy Ups and The Haywains and basically just took a lot of photographs. Some of them turned out quite nice actually, might use them for something later.

I also sent in my application for a new show at Subcity Radio, so keep your fingers crossed! And yesterday I went to my second Sounds of Sweden, this time with Blood Music and Fine Arts Showcase. I don't really like these bands, but I went just as well to support the cause. I had a good time though - Blood Music was much better on his own than with the full band and I had a nice chat with Stephen Pastel. He and Katrina will be dj:ing at the second of the c86 nights at the ICA in London next weekend. I planning on going that night, to see Roddy Frame, Phil Wilson and The Wolfhounds. You may have noticed the CD86 compilation that's coming out on Monday. It's got one of the best tracklistings for an indiepop compilation since the early 90's!

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