Saturday, December 30, 2006

Boy On a Bike, What Are You Like?

I've been home for quite while now and I've managed tick most of the stuff on my to-do-list, well, the fun stuff anyway. I've had coffee with my friends, made a mixtape or two, had a birthday party, celebrated Christmas, had a band meeting of sorts, went to Crush (not the Glaswegian club), made 120 new flyers, seen a Renoir movie, listened to the Children of Nuggets box-set, digitalised lots of vinyl, overslept every day (no clock in my bedroom!), conspired to change the world through pop music, and raced on my bike. I didn't realise how much I'd missed my bike! It's amazing, the places you can go, in the blink of an eye. Oh, and I've finally read Put the Book Back On the Shelf - the collection of Belle & Sebastian-inspired comics. It was very diverse and interesting, surprisingly all in color except for "Marx & Engels" and "If She Wants Me". And why didn't they include that old one created by Laura Molloy, about the formation of the band, that used to be on the Jeepster site? That was my favourite...


Anonymous said...

thank you - glad you liked my one :)

not sure why they didn't use it, either. i should get round to asking them, some day.


The Rain Fell Down said...

wow! is it the legendary laura molloy? have you been on sinister or bowlie?



Anonymous said...


i don't know about legendary, but i drew the 'story of seb' cartoon, and am in 'modern rock song', for what it's worth.

you can email me via my website, if you want to - details of a show with some of my drawings is there, too.