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It's my birthday today so I thought I'd give you a present. No, not really... This is just a summary of some of the best stuff to hit the market this year (mostly proper, material releases that is). Which means you've probably heard most of it before, and some of it is even from reissues/compilations. But as Mira el Péndulo have done a C-06 tape, I'm giving you something similar. You can burn it on a cd and print a cover if you want to. (Back cover here.) Naturally there are no Swedish/northern soul tracks this week. The title derives from a Felt song called "The Day the Rain Came Down", which you ought to listen to every now and then. There'll be an oldschool end-of-year list soon, and be sure to vote in the TweeNet poll if you haven't already. Thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read this blog anytime during the year. And thanks especially to those who've taken the trouble to leave a comment! (It's not that hard you know...) Hopefully you will enjoy the real radio show next year, and hopefully I won't mess it up.

Hey Paulette – A Pet Day
As usual one of the best (and most highly anticipated) records of the year was a retrospective, this time from German Firestation Records. It's called Long Ball Into Nowhere and collects nearly everything from Dubliners Hey Paulette. This song was originally recorded for John Peel.
Days – Simple Thing
The best new band this year didn't really release a record. "Simple Thing" is from the Downhill demo ep. The best band to come out of Sweden in 2006... and all the years before it.
Apple Orchard – A Hiding Smile
The best seven-inch this year (there are all too few of them these days) came out early in the year on Humblebee. This is the brilliant a-side. I have high hopes for their album, due for release sometime next year.
Harper Lee – Come Rest Your Weary Head
A Harper Lee release will always be near the top of any end-of-year list I make, though this might be the last one (Harper Lee release, not list). This is from the He Holds a Flame EP on Matinée.
The Tidy Ups – Death to the Tidy Ups
Released this year by Music Is My Girlfriend but recorded years ago was the Dizzy Heights EP. This song is about the band's ending. Very sad.
The Lil’ Hospital – Lost the Light
Another early release was The Lil' Hospital's Heavy Metal on Total Gaylord. This is one of many favourites on it.
Boyracer – Geordie Lout
Boyracer did their most coherent album for years, with more hits than on their latest ones. This is a song from A Punch Up the Bracket.
The Budgies – Secret Wish
The Budgies didn't release anything this year either, but hey, it's not their fault! And I've listened to their songs so much I could not not include them. I think this is their best recorded song, probably it'll be on next year's planned seven-inch. There are rumours about a split-up after that... Stop them now!
The Haircuts – Ballad of the Razor
Ryan and Teresa's The Haircuts released their debut album Sorrow Is the Way to Love this summer, but they're not really together anymore. You should check out the cassette they released just before it as well!
All My Friends – The Man Who Drew Cats
Another unreleased song, but you just have to listen to this band that includes Garry and Alison from Butcher Boy. Garry was once in California Snow Story too. They have a single and an album planned for next year.
The Revolving Paint Dream – Electra’s Crying Loaded In the Basement
From this autumn's Flowers In the Sky retrospective on Rev-Ola. Paisley Underground that is ALMOST from Paisley. This cd employs perhaps the best strategy against file-sharing ever: you just have to get those liner notes!
The Servants - Loggerheads
One of the previously unreleased tracks from the Reserved retrospective released very early this year, on Cherry Red. Utterly amazing record.
East Village – Violin
Drop Out was reissued this year on Japanese Excellent Records, together with a bonus cd including everything from the legendary Hot Rod Hotel singles comp... plus some extra tracks. One of them was "Violin", that was only to be found on a Summershine 12" before.
Math & Physics Club – Such a Simple Plan
Another great debut album was MAPC's. But we knew all along that is was going to be splendid. Still, it DID actually exceed my expectations.
The Electric Pop Group – Why Can’t You?
One of the late surprises this year. This Gothenburg band suddenly released an album a few weeks ago. Promises a lot for next year.
Cats On Fire – The Cold Hands of Great Men
The best release on a Swedish label this year (together with the Tidy Ups ep) was Fraction Discs second release: the Draw In the Reins EP from Finland's Cats On Fire. These songs had been waiting for release a long time and an album was going to be released by Marsh-Marigold this year too. We're still waiting, but judging from the live performances (there have been quite a few) it'll be a cracker. Oh... and the Ultrasport album should arrive soon as well.
Pants Yell! – We’ve Got History
This song and the next are from my two favourite albums from 2006. Boston's Pant's Yell! have been around for a while, but I didn't REALLY discover them until this spring. And it was great meeting Stirling, Carly and Andrew in real life as well!
Pipas – You Crash
Inevitably, a new Pipas album will always be a new favourite. But Sorry Love really surprised me! It might even be their best album so far.
Postal Blue – I’m Glad You Know
Postal Blue's Road to Happiness EP is so much better than the old Shelflife releases. This is the closing track on it. I also recently found out about their old debut ep on Drive-In. That one is almost better still!
Lovejoy – Are You Analogue Or Digital?
I think I've underestimated "the new Lovejoy" a bit. I've always loved the first record, but I was a bit suspicious of what came after that because I'd heard it was more electronic and not nearly as good. But the songs on the England Made Me EP are right up there with "A Taste of the High Life" and "Radio".
The Hit Parade – Queen of Mousehole
The Hit Parade returned this year with The Return of the Hit Parade, released on their own JHS label. I still haven't bought the record but here's a great track off of it.
Brighter – Hope to God
No, I think THIS is the best record released this year - Out to Sea with Brighter. After all it includes one of the world's best albums: Laurel. And lots of other songs that are even better. I can't live without it, cannot understand how I managed before.



TEPG said...


Thank you for including our song on your compilation! We are very happy to know that you like our music!

Best wishes

The Electric Pop Group

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Hej Krister!

När jag skrev den förra kommentaren, så hade jag inte läst ditt manifest, och jag fattade inte att du är svensk! :)

Jag är god vän med Jörgen och Renée på Fraction Discs, och de berättade att de känner dej, och att du har beställt vårt album av dem.

Vi säger tack så mycket! Roligt att du gillar vår musik!

Hur är det att bo i Glasgow? Bra, antar jag! Vi var där förrförra sommaren, det verkade jättetrevligt, men vi var bara där ett par dagar, så vi hann inte se så mycket. Vi planerar att komma tillbaka till Skottland nu till sommaren.

Jag antar att du känner till klubben Sounds Of Sweden? Tror du att de skulle vara intresserade av att boka ett okänt band som vi, eller kör de bara med mer välkända akter?

Jag hoppas att allt är bra med dej annars! Lycka till med bloggen och radioprogrammet!

Hälsningar Martin, The Electric Pop Group.

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