Monday, December 11, 2006

The Revolving Divine! Logo

Yesterday, we visited the Divine! club for the first time and it is a shame we haven't been there before. Regular visitors to The Rain Fell Down may remember that I wrote about going there before - well, at least I thought I did. The music wasn't very good, so we went home quite early. Actually, we'd gone to the wrong club. See, there are two clubs at The Vic Bar: Divine! on the ground floor and a new club called Bad Robot upstairs. Luckily I found out about this in time to go to Divine! yesterday when Belle & Sebastian were guest djs. That usually means Chris, but as we came in the door Stevie stood behind the turntables playing one fab 60's tune after the other. Then Bob took over, and then Chris arrived just in time to catch the busiest crowd. He played some great tunes, but I was very happy when Stevie return just before closing time and played The Action for a second time! Here's Stevie, Bob and Chris enjoying themselves.

I don't know if Andrew Symington himself was there or not, because I've no idea what he looks like, but he certainly wasn't in the dj booth. Andrew started the club 16 years ago (in one week), and he's done a great job of it. The place was packed around 1.30, even though it happens on a weekly basis. The bar was nice enough I guess, but Andrew had turned it into a hipster 60's place. The otherwise dreary walls were covered with projections, including the revolving logo you can see above. They were also screening a sixties Mark Robson film which I've now identified as Valley of the Dolls - you can make out the screen to left in the photo below.

Andrew has been a friend of Belle & Sebastian for quite some time and has designed several of their record sleeves. My favourite is the orange one for This Is Just a Modern Rock Song, with the photograph of Alan Horne. It was worth going to club just to get my hands one of the gorgeous Divine! posters. They might look something like this, viewed from a wierd angle.

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