Friday, December 22, 2006


The Bridal Shop is a new Swedish band. I don't know how many they are or anything. I just found out about them through Think Small and listened to them on MySpace. But they're very kind, that much I know! They let me put up this fantastic song, that will be on a forthcoming ep. If you like New Order and Sarah Records, this will most likely be your cup of tea. Enjoy (no extra sugar needed)!

The Bridal Shop - From Seas

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Anonymous said...

Yet another brilliant podcast there.

Your site is the most gorgeous thing around, a real inspiration.

As a 40 year old, I was around when all things c86 and tweepop emerged, but I can't claim to have half of the knowledge that you have on the subject.

Great to see someone is keeping the torch burning (and I presume there are lots of you in Sweden seeing as most music that comes out of your mighty fine country seems to be in one way or another inspired by C86,tweepop, Sarah records, Felt, Saint Etienne ... ooh, just about all the best things in the world).

Great to read you posts on all things happening in Glasgow too. Sometimes makes me feel nostalgic for being a student again and being able to go to all these happenings too.

Anyway, I must stop rambling.

Have a wonderful X-mas and a fantastic New Year.

May the sun shine on you and the ones you love in 2007.

love and baubles

Bart (Belgium)