Friday, December 22, 2006

Looking From a Hilltop

I've been in Sweden for a week soon, but I wanted to tell you about Stirling, that we visited Saturday last week. The picture is the view towards the castle from the the Lady's Lookout (I think that was what it was called...). In ye olden times the caste was separated from the village by this cemetary valley. The lookout is in the middle of the cemetary. The castle is on another hill, after all that was what building castles was all about - the vantage-point. You could see seven battle-fields from up there, including the one where William Wallace beat the Englishmen a long time ago. The only reason I wrote about this (except that I came up with that great Section 25 title) is that it links to the band in the DROP post above. I thought about Bridal Shop as we walked by the shops, becase there were a lot of places selling wedding gowns and stuff. There was even a wedding in the Church of the Holy Rude (can someone please explain that name?) and apparently a dinner and a party at the caste later that evening! That ought be expensive. Well, if you could afford the Rolls Royce, it probably wasn't a problem.

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