Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Every Friday Feels Like a Monday

On Sunday we went to the Oran Mor for another charity night, this one arranged by Nuts & Seeds. I went mainly to see Park Attack, a Glaswegian noise band. I met Lorna who plays the drums a few months ago, and found out that we had actually been to the same festival in Sweden last year, one called Perfect From Now On. Lorna was there as International Airport's drummer. She also plays in a third band called The Gymshorts (great name!). A very cool lady indeed. And she works at Monorail too... I forgot to take a picture during the gig so here one from MySpace instead:

There were three more "up-and-coming" Glasgow bands playing. First out were Lucky Luke, who were OK I guess. Park Attack's gig was very good at first, until the guitarist's strap broke and he had to change guitar. Then one of the strings on the second guitar snapped and he had to switch the straps and go back to first guitar. Easier said than done, as he had the ends of the straps firmly taped to the guitar body! Well, they lost a bit of momentum after that, and some of the last songs were a bit too monotonous. But the drumming was great. After them was a band called We Are the Physics, who were just plain irritating. Like a bad parody of Devo, only worse! We left before the last band Dananananaykroyd, because they were delayed and after all it was Monday the next day. Which brings me round to the post's title. It's a line from a song called "The Coldest Water" by Men of Westenesse, and it's just how I feel right now. I've got so much to do and I hardly feel I can afford some time off. Still one essay to go...

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Jessel said...

Hey i just found about about your blog c/o a friend's posting...i'm checking out your Splash compilations and will upload them on my player for a quick listen during the week....a lot of interesting and favourite bands of mine in there!...I made some selections on myspace...enjoy listening... ...cheers!