Friday, January 19, 2007


I got Opal's Early Recordings released by Rough Trade in 1987 from The Brogues the other day. Opal was a band that included members of Paisley Underground bands The Rain Parade, The Dream Syndicate and (early) Green On Red. There's even a MySpace page dedicated to them here. It's a fantastic record and sounds much like David Roback's next project Mazzy Star, in which Hope Sandoval replaced Kendra Smith. Here's a psychedelic little track called "Lullaby" for you.


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The Brogues said...

Ooh ... glad you like the Opal disc! After buying that I bought the Kendra Smith cd on 4AD and it's nowhere near as good and I definitely don't think it's your cup o' tea. Can't remember if I said at the time ... but Pale Saints' version of Opal's "Fell From The Sun" is ace!

(despite the rubbish drum sound on the lp!)