Monday, January 22, 2007


So, today's show is about Sarah Records - the famed Bristolian label that brought us 'twee'. Well, this program is in part meant to prove that wrong. Too often it's reduced to Field Mice/Heavenly and there not really much information about many of the bands. Not to mention how hard some singles are to find. When you search the internet about Sarah, you are most probable to find their catalogue again and again... and again! So all the rambling about catalogue numbers and years-of-release in today's show is meant to be ironic. Obviously I got it wrong and called The Poppyheads record 'Sarah 54' after introducing it as the label's sixth release! Naturally, Chris from the next show had to play some Swedish death metal right after The Orchids, just to safeguard the station's reputation. You'll have to turn it off just in time, in case you're afraid of Entombed. The name this time, The Cleverest Word I Know, is a bit far fetched but it comes from a song by Man From Delmonte called "M.I.C.H.A.E.L.". It has nothing to do with label whatsoever but it's about girl called Sarah, and while his name doesn't mean a thing to her anymore Sarah means much more to him than the cleverest word he knows. And towards the end the singer goes "you're the cleverest word I know". Anyway... here's the playlist (complete with catalogue numbers):

The Sea Urchins - Solace (Sarah 8)
The Springfields - Wonder
(Sarah 40)
The Forever People - Sometimes (Sarah 54)
The Poppyheads - Cremation Town (Sarah 6)
Even As We Speak - Blue Suburban Skies (Sarah 37)
14 Iced Bears - Unhappy Days (Sarah 5)
St. Christopher - You Deserve More Than a Maybe (Sarah 15)
Blueboy - Stephanie (Sarah 80)
Aberdeen - Byron (Sarah 93)
The Sweetest Ache - If I Could Shine (Sarah 36)
Christine's Cat - Your Love Is (Sarah 13)
The Golden Dawn - My Secret World (Sarah 9)
Boyracer - Beautiful Lines (Sarah 76)
The Field Mice - By Degrees (Peel Session)
The Wake - Carbrain (Sarah 21)
The Rosaries - Ivory Tower (Sarah 62)
The Orchids - From This Day (BA 5)

The Cleverest Word I Know

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