Friday, January 26, 2007

Take the Shortest Way With the Men of Violence

I went to see The Great Melée on Tuesday, at the Glasgow Film Theatre. It was the last film in their Wild Japan: Outlaw Masters of Japanese Film series, and unfortunately the only one I managed to catch. It was made by Eiichi Kudo in 1964 and is a story about a samurai rebellion during which the heir to the Shogun title is murdered. I also managed to see Palindromes, finally, you know Todd Solondz's latest film. But I haven't decided if I liked yet.

On Thursday I went to the year's first Sounds of Sweden night, this time at Nice n Sleazy. Supporting were Glaswegian Skeleton Bob who compensated for their non-Swedish origin by playing a cover of Abba's "Mama Mia", which actually wasn't too bad. The rest of their songs were in the Pavement/early Yo La Tengo/Uncle Tupelo style. The main act was Vapnet (The Weapon in Swedish - their first song translates as "Give 'Em Violence"), who I've seen at least three times before. It was a good show but not even close to when I've seen them ealier. They're not supposed to play venues this small, where the sound works against them.

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