Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Trout Fishing In Tobermory

We didn't do any fishing, sorry. But most people who live there probably do - when it's not pouring that is. The Isle Mull, that's where we went last weekend I should say. I don't think many other people did. One, because it's winter and all the tourist stuff is closed. Two, because it's a weekend and everthing else is closed too (there weren't even any buses operating on Mull on a Sunday!). And three, because there'd been storm strength wind and rain for several days and most of the ferries were cancelled. But we stayed in Oban for a night, and luckily the wind decreased a bit the next day so we could go over to Craignure. Then we had to stay THERE for the night because if we'd gone to Tobermory there would have been no way for us to get home on Sunday. We did go there for a few hours though and had a look around. It's was fun, despite the rain. The distilleries in Tobermory and Oban were closed but luckily they sold their stuff in the local shops. Craignure was SMALL, I didn't even see any shops there. There was an inn though, and the owner had a very friendly dog and cuddly cat. I may not have catched any trout, but I did EAT some delicious hot-smoked trout at the inn.

On Saturday we took the Forest Walk from Craignure to Torosay Castle, which was - of course - closed. But you could walk around the gardens and with a bit of luck we managed to get into the self-service Tearoom. And then we took the VERY long walk to Duart Castle and back again. It took the whole day and my legs are still a bit sore. It's was a good weekend anyway. What did you do? I'm going to see Vashti Bunyan tonight (finally!).

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dust said...

ah, couldn't look less like leytonstone but seems to share a certain bleakness.
i've been getting all nostalgic about those days and realised that a huge seen was based in our local pub - the northcote, on grove green road. on any given night you would find the loft (and later wishing stones, and caretaker race), the raw herbs, a wolfhound or two, some voice of the beehives, kill devil hills, the editor of the nme (danny kelly) and heaven knows who else. i never really thought about it at the time.
there was a big housing coop there, of short life, cheap housing, so everyone ended up with rehearsal room in their lounges....

i'm adding loads of old fliers and whatnot to the blog above if you fancy a look in a while.