Monday, January 29, 2007


"If you'd like to know what popstars have for tea, ask Johnny Dee". Johnny Dee was a fanzine writer in the 80's, but he didn't really know much about popstars he says in the liner notes for last year's Chesterf!elds retrospective. But The Chesterf!elds encapsulate what I think this programme is about. The theme is sort of a non-theme: the only thing that ties these songs together is that they're all POP! and that they can't be fit into some microscopic subgenre. The links I mention on the show can be found here in the playlist.

The Chesterf!elds - Thumb
The Westfield Mining Disaster - Judy Greer
Pas/cal - I Wanna Take You Out In Your Holiday Sweater
Skypark - She Is Me
The Hi-Life Companion - Brockweir Winter Reverie
Butcher Boy - Girls Make Me Sick
Roscoe Shelton - You're the Dream
The Three O'Clock - With a Cantaloupe Girlfriend
The Close Lobsters - I Kiss the Flower In Bloom
Yeah Jazz - Any Day
Groovy Little Numbers - Hey Hey
Majestic 12 - Nothing On TV
Glo-Worm - Wishing Well
G.O.O.F. & Nils Folke Valdemar - Skimming Stones
Free Loan Investments - Speeding Ticket
The Railway Children - Over and Over
Slipslide - Will You Lead Me?

What Popstars Have For Tea

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