Friday, February 02, 2007


This song is on a bootleg comp called The Sound of Old Scotland (1977-1984), that you can buy from Mono. It includes ace songs by The Wake, The Delmontes, The Rezillos, The Laughing Apple, The Fire Engines, Scars, the Postcard bands... and a lot of punk. My favourite however was The Suede Crocodiles' 1983 single "Stop the Rain". According to the sleeve notes it was released by Glaswegian label No Strings, who had released a Del Amitri single just before it! It also says that leader Kevin McDermott is still an active musician and in fact he has a MySpace-page here! In 2001 Accident Records put out a compilation of their stuff, which became their last release. I haven't got it, but it's certainly a record I will look out for.


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ryan said...

ace track! :)