Thursday, February 15, 2007


The Parcels' only album is a tweepop classic. It's called Have a Go With the Parcels and came out in 2000. It's amazing to think that all this fantastic music was out there just waiting to be found. 2000... hm, I guess I was listening to Radiohead or something! I've been looking for this cd for a while, but now apparently Shelflife-Ed has found a box of them. And this post is to encourage you to buy up the last of them, which you can do from the Shelflife website. It's got one of the nicest covers I've seen! So nice, I decided to try out the scanner here in the Resource Room of the Theatre & Film Department. The scan above is the back of the inner sleeve, click on it to see it full-size. The song here is one of twelve hits on the cd, and that includes a cover of The Groovy Little Numbers cover "Windy". Only the lyric is new, and it's called "Jessica Pancakes". The whole album was recorded at Marlborough Farms - the Ladybug Transistor/Essesx Green hangout, which is probably why the sound is so snappy even though the instruments themselves sound really crap. What else is there to say...? The vocals are among the cutest you'll ever hear - the singer is not the cover girl by the way. Well, end of advert and time to start listening!

The Parcels - Lobster Kids


Nils-Martin said...

Chris, you just got me to buy that record with money I don't have! Awesome! Can't wait for you to come to Blekingska in a week, it'll be tops!

Får man önska "Ocean Liner" med Lighthouse Keepers till Indigo?

Keep it up!


The Rain Fell Down said...

good work. i'll bring that song, if you promise to come up with a way to dance such a slow one. it'd clear the dance floor for sure :)


Nils-Martin said...

Gee, I really need to stop bugging people for songs I haven't even tried dancing to. Play a sweaty soul track instead. ^_^