Monday, February 12, 2007


I got this demo from Andy Wake of Medium Cool, and its absolutely amazing. Properly recorded it could even have been sharper than "She Looks Right Through Me"! The guitar-picking in the background is more or less identical to that of a certain Happydeadmen song, can't remember which one at the moment. Anyone? There should be a Waltones compilation on Cherry Red sometime soon, called You've Gotta Hand It to 'Em. Here's what Andy says about this demo: "The version of Eddie on your CD is a demo from 1987 and was recorded at the same time as the She Looks Right Through Me single. There’s also an earlier demo of Eddie from 1986 although the 87 version is the best in my opinion." And this track won't be included on their Cherry Red compilation, so as exclusive as it gets!



Anonymous said...

good evening from the philippines.i have heard she walks right through me 12 inch single from the medium cool site and now this demo version of eddie.i think they sound great.was wondering if you could share other waltones track if they're as good as the two.thanks and more power to your wonderful site!

The Rain Fell Down said...

there's waltones compilation just out on cherry red. it includes everything they released up until and including their first album. a must buy if there ever was one!