Sunday, February 18, 2007

Don't Die On My Doorstep

For everyone living Sweden; here's some good news! If you haven't heard already, A Smile and a Ribbon will be playing two shows next weekend - one in Lund and one in Malmo. In Lund it'll be a real Shelflife party and a double-bill with the amazing Days from Gothenburg. I'm going to Sweden on Thursday to practise because I'll be playing at both shows. In Lund I will also be spinning records before and after the gigs, together with my good friend Lisa (also from Gothenburg these days)! ...As you can see from the poster design above. The picture is of kids queuing to get into the Odeon cinema in Glasgow in the 50's. I just liked it because the name of the film screened is The End of the Affair - like the Field Mice song, you know! And you can expect to hear "Don't Die On My Doorstep" by Felt on the dancefloor, naturally. In addition, Daniel from Popscene and You Can't Hide Your Love Forever will be playing records together with Linn in the cellar. Here are the essentials:

Feb 23th A Smile and a Ribbon + Days @ Indigo, Lund.
Doors open at 10 pm as usual. Student card required, entry is usually around 70 SEK, or less for members.

Feb 25th A Smile and a Ribbon + G.O.O.F. @ Cafe Glassfabriken, Malmo.
Open all day, but be there around 4 pm to get a seat. No entry!

I have to say I'm not absolutely certain about Goof supporting us, but he's agreed to do it earlier. I just hope Glassfabriken asked him! See you soon.

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