Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sad Kaleidoscope On My Mind

Came back from Sweden only yesterday, so that's why there was no radio programme. (Next one is on Monday!) Both A Smile and a Ribbon shows went really well, I have to say. And it was an honour and a pleasure to see Days playing before us in Lund. They did a fairly short set, but a few new songs we hadn't heard before. Looking forward to the cd that Lavender is releasing soon! Here's a picture (Johan, standing to the right, is missing):

The crowd in Lund was great, at least the people standing up front (who were the only ones I could see). Some people recognised the songs and were really enthusiastic. I think you could say Lund is where we most fans, even though most of us live in Malmo now. Here's what it must have looked like (not a very good picture either as you can't see our drummer Svante or Martin who sings a bit and plays lead guitar...):

Our setlist was, I think: The Boy I Wish I Never Met, Book Cover, One-Night Wonder, Pebbles, A Little Late to Be Polite, My Bunny's Back, Then I Felt Your Cheek and Dream Lover (a Bobby Darin cover). An encore was requested but we didn't have any more songs rehearsed. In fact I missed the rehearsal because of snow holding up the trains from Gothenburg on Thursday. The weather was actually quite bad, and it felt weird coming from Glasgow where it's virtually spring! But it was nice to be there all the same. I was playing records too, so there were lots of friends there I felt I didn't have time to talk to... Me and Lisa played these records, more or less:

Bulldozer Crash – Sarah Said
Camera Obscura – I Don't Do Crowds
The Choo Choo Train – Wishing On a Star
Hunky Dory – We're Through
The Dovers – She's Not Just Anybody
The Wake – Of the Matter
Biff, Bang, Pow! – If I Die
Cats On Fire – Higher Grounds
The Revolving Paint Dream – (Burn This House) Down to the Ground
Au Revoir Simone – The Disco Song
Majestic – Bub
The Primitives – You Are the Way
Slipslide – The World Can Wait
McCarthy – Now's the Time For an Iron Hand
Brighter – Next Summer
The Carousel – Handmedown Green
The Primitives – Laughing Up My Sleeve
East Village – Strawberry Window
Love Parade – Life
Pipas – Book Launch
Denim – Bubblehead
Saint Etienne – Mario's CafĂ©
Aberdeen – Emma's House
The Field Mice – You're Kidding Aren't You?
St. Christopher – Even the Sky Seems Blue
The Flatmates – Trust Me
The Smiths – Jeane
Cats On Fire – Draw In the Reins
Bob Relf – Blowing My Mind to Pieces
The PrimitvesSpacehead
The Hoods – You Keep On Lyin'
Manhattan Love Suicides – Indian Summer
The Rainyard – Town I Won't Recall
The Wolfhounds – Feeling So Strange Again
Reserve – The Sun Slid Down Behind the Tower
Eux Autres – The Other Girls
Primal Scream – Crystal Crescent (Peel Session)
The Darling Buds – Pretty Girl
The Wild Swans – Crowning Glory
The Sea Urchins – Summershine
Felt – Don't Die On My Doorstep
Camera Obscura – Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
They Go Boom!! – Body
The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle With Me
Liechtenstein – Stalking Skills
Cats On Fire – I Am the White-Mantled King
Kicker – Since You Left
Saturday Looks Good to Me – Hiding
Belle & Sebastian – Your Secrets
The Flatmates – Shimmer
Math & Physics Club – April Showers
Altered Images – Happy Birthday
St. Christopher – Say Yes to Everything
Butcher Boy – Girls Make Me Sick
Another Sunny Day – Can't You Tell It's True?
Diane Lewis – Keep a Hold On Me
Saint Etienne – He's On the Phone
BMX Bandits – I Wanna Fall In Love
The Popguns – Still a World Away
1000 Violins – Start Digging My Grave Sugar
Bubblegum Lemonade – Tyler
The Suede Crocodiles – Stop the Rain
The Cure – Just Like Heaven
14 Iced Bears – Balloon Song
Friends – You'll Never See That Summertime Again
The Angels – My Boyfriend's Back
Girls At Our Best! – Pleasure
Sid Barnes – You'll Always Be In Style
The Field Mice – If You Need Someone
The Poets – There Are Some
Fat Tulips – Clumsy
Tullycraft – Twee
Strawberry Switchblade – Let Her Go
The Parcels – I Could Be a Dinosaur
Saturday Looks Good to Me – Lift Me Up
The Lucksmiths – Adolescent Song of Mindless Devotion
Tiger Trap – My Broken Heart
The Man From Delmonte – Sun Serious
This Poison! – Question Mark
The Chesterf!eldsTwintown
The Brilliant Corners – Arlington Villas (session)
The Field Mice – The End of the Affair

Lots of unwholesome requests as usual (Arctic Monkeys, Libertines etc) but it was heart-warming to hear Oscar asking for Remember Fun. Too bad I didn't bring "Apple of My Eye". And one guy actually came up say we were great!

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