Monday, February 19, 2007


This is a programme about sophisticated pop, or whatever you want to call it. Naturally, it is more or less about él Records run by Mark Alway in the late eighties. "Blue Roofs of Isaphan (The él Theme)" was written by Louis Philippe, one of the label's main artists. You can hear him performing as The Arcadians on the show. For a fuller account of él records, you can read Alway's own story on the Cherry Red site. Still, you have to click here to hear the first minutes. The end of the last song is not in the file either, sorry about that.

The Arcadians – Write Your Letter
The Postmarks – Know Which Way the Wind Blows
Aztec Camera – The Bugle Sounds Again
Wall of Orchids – Come Back to Me
The Action – Wasn't It You?
The Majestics – (I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me
Majestic – Say Dee La
Eggstone – Dreamer
Marden Hill – Oh Constance
Would-Be-Goods – Whitsun Bride
The Monochrome Set – Cast a Long Shadow
Always – Dreams of Leaving
Rosemary's Children – Southern Fields
Bad Dream Fancy Dress – The Supremes
Anthony Adverse – Imperial Violets
The French Impressionists - Castles In the Air

Blue Roofs of Isaphan


alistair said...

you shouuld definitely have played some tracks from the current el reissues - all that stuff they are putting out now is fantastic and those artists were very much the kind of source texts that were being played when the 'el groups' of the '80s were making records. all that bossa stuff was especially influential... yum.

Björn said...

Hej Krister. Vilken grym blog du har :) Vad kul det ska bli att ses nu på fredag och vilket ös. Trevligt att du ska vända skivor också. Vågar man kanske önska en låt, i s f vore det trevligt om du spelade The mekons Little boys. Den finns att ladda ner på den här länken :D
den publicerades på den trevliga bloggen Mein Walkman ist kaputt (
ha det gott, kram kram

ally said...

'cast a long shadow' is as marvelous a record as anyone will ever hear. i do like a posh, west london cowboy.

Anonymous said...

great, but I'd love to find here a song of The Hepburns
next time...